Pompous arse threatens to report me... to me.

This is a PM I received from a lunatic who got pissed I made him think instead of serving the answer on a golden plate. In response to this thread.

The Forgotten

Not everythings about you So if YOU know something
but someone else does just tell them not shout at them or post,
plz man not every person on the world unstands coding,
and i can relate to what your going through so plz stop shouting at
everyone,i wish i knew what you did but chances are i won't. :(

link(10th post)
This is a good reson to ban u from the forum but i won't complain,
so consider this a warning before you get "of tracked".
if you don't care and do it again(when a newbie is around) then i will see to the mods or admin.


And your stupidity is a good reason to stop you from breeding. No, after reading that, I don't give a flying dick about your opinion/pompous attitude. Nor about the fact that you are going to complain. In fact, I dare you to. Here, complain to the RA2 Editing Forum Moderators, this is their turf after all.

(Who the ztype died and made you a figure of authority for people to listen to? Seriously, for someone who has no power whatsoever, this PM was a really pompous piece of crap.)

((If you are too stupid to see that post and my earlier post were made to let you know his information was incorrect, and save you the time to test it, that's your problem. If you saw that, and still opted to defend the idiot, groovy, go hug a rainbow and annoy someone else, I am not going to change.))

Date: 2007 February 8th. Yeah, it's old.