If any of you have been around the Renegade Projects forums in the last days of the RockPatch, and around the first announcement of this horrible creation, then you will know my views on the NPatch. Honestly, I haven't shut up about it.

Examples of VK's awfulness:

I could go on with this list, but I won't.

This mod is, and always will be, NPatch free. Do not use this mod with the NPatch. For one, it won't work. Secondly, I will ignore you. Use the recommended version of the RockPatch for each version. I will bundle the recommended version with each release, regardless of whose blacklist I'm on, and regardless of what VK thinks.

If you too are against the abominations of mankind that are VK and the NPatch, you can voice your anger in one of these ways, rather than pointless rants like my own:

Put any of the following images on your mod's website, or your own website if you do not have a mod:

NPatch free NPatch free zone NPatch out

Or, you can put the following image in your forum signature:

If you have any sanity whatsoever, don't use the NPatch, continue to use the one true YR EXE Patch - the RockPatch. Don't submit your mod to VK's control by using the NPatch. I could go on with the clichés, but I won't. If you use any of the above images, please link them to this page, so others can 'join the cause', so to speak. I can hear you screaming, "Cliché!" so I'll stop now.

If anyone needs any versions of the RockPatch, please visit this rather bare page on my other webspace.